Do we vote for good leaders or Drama Queens? What makes a good leader?

Knowledge, experience, vision, communication and influencing skills, perception, and responsiveness are some of the skills that make a good leader.
So is it that simple? Undoubtedly a good leader must demonstrate knowledge and experience to deliver what is expected from him or her. But would a good leader be as good if he or she is not effective? The good leader should be able to see not only the target but how best to achieve it. What good can firing at the target be if one does not really hit the target?

Look at the Greek Prime Minister Tsipras. He created a lot of drama not accepting the EU memorandum, he organised referendum (that he completely ignored) and hold early elections. He came across as militant and on the side of the people and he definitely made noise and created drama. But is he a good leader?
Well, he cost Greece a lot of money that Greece did not have on first place, wasted time, damaged working relationship with EU officials and other politicians, decreased investor confidence at a time critical for the country’s recovery, sabotaged tourism, a major income source and he had to accept a memorandum with worse conditions than the initial one. So was not effective in actually promoting Greece’s interests. On the contrary Greece is worse off because of his actions.
But he said all the things Greek people wanted to hear and he was loud…
Well in that respect he is a leader that can enthuse the public and persuade them to vote but that has a good effect on him not the interest of the country he represents.
I definitely do not want a leader who can make noise and shout empty threats. I want results. I want a leader who knows the needs of the organisation and has sharp perception of how he/ she and the organisation are perceived by the public, the supporters and the opponents. A person who doesn’t create impressions but gets the job done, most likely in a quiet understated way. A leader who is respected and able to negotiate and collaborate, a leader who will stay calm to crises and help the organisation to come out of it strong not broken down. A leader who works for the organisation not him/herself.
As Thucydides said, “Few things are brought to a successful issue by impetuous desire, but most by calm and prudent forethought”.