We have just had a TUC day of action fully supported by Unison, we had a great turnout on the picket line in Bracknell, and then joined the march in Reading.  This is not something any of us wants to do in the public sector, we are here to serve and look after our fellow citizens. We must not let the governments use of the media, to allow them to drive a wedge between us and private sector workers, who also need good pensions – who wants to have to rely on benefits after working hard all our lives, we want a good secure old age, without having to worry about food, clothing, a roof over our heads and heating.

We need more people to join the Union and get involved, this to me is the beginning of a struggle for us in the Public Sector, it seems to me the government are using us in the Private Sector as a soft target, to foot the bill for those in the city – the bankers et al, who caused this deficit, and who we as a nation bailed out.

I am a tax payer both nationally and locally, I have had a pay freeze for the last couple of years, and I don’t understand why the government after negotiating with us only four years ago, for new Pension schemes – to make them affordable and sustainable for the long term – they can now come back to us. The deal was such the cost of public sector pensions, as a proportion of GDP, would fall. The local government scheme has billions more coming in than has to be paid out in pensions every year. The money raised will go to the Treasury, so this is really just another way of making public sector workers pay for the bankers’ recession, because they can make us.

Join Unison in Bracknell – and fight back to protect yourself and your colleagues.