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Immigration in UK: What is the real picture?

Immigration in UK: What is the real picture?

The last few weeks we have heard that immigration in UK is raising because of the freedom of movement within EU. UNISON formally supports the stay in campaign but the branch would like to remain neutral. However there are plenty of myths around immigration and a lot of things to blame but globalization and the way the world is structured in economic terms. So is over half of the immigration coming from EU member states? Below you will find statistics from the national statistics office and you can directly search on

The total non UK population is now 14%. In the year ending (YE) September 2015,Net long-term international migration = 323,000 (up

Immigration(coming in) = 617,000

Emigration (moving out from UK) = 294,000

Net migration of EU citizens was estimated to be 172,000.

Non-EU net migration 191,000

Of the 290,000 people who immigrated for work in YE September 2015, 59% (170,000) had a definite job to go to. Of all EU citizens who came to the UK in YE September 2015, 60% arrived with a definite job to go to. (That means that the majority of people from EU come to live in UK mainly because their employer asks them to do so or because employers have recruited outside the country in order to fill gaps and shortages such as doctors for the NHS, scientists for pharmaceuticals and other hi-tech companies).

In 2015, visas granted ( that means non EU applicants) for skilled work rose +4%. There were 38,878 asylum applications (including dependants) in 2015, an increase of 20% compared with the previous year (32,344). The largest number of applications for asylum, including dependants, came from nationals of Eritrea followed by Iran, Pakistan, Sudan and Syria. Grant rates vary between nationalities; for example, 86% of the total initial decisions made for those giving Syrian as their nationality were grants of asylum or another form of protection, compared with 20% for Pakistani nationals. (Yet Pakistani visas were more than Syrian).


Figure 6: Entry clearance visas granted (excluding visitor and transit visas) to the UK, top 10 nationalities, 2015


The 2011 Census showed that 13% foreign-born residents classified themselves as White British. The largest group who identified as White British were German born (57%, 155,000) and over half (56%) of them arrived before 1981. One likely reason is due to British military personnel being stationed in Germany. The next largest group identifying as White British were from South Africa (85,000).

The table below is from the national statistics website and shows that the EU immigrants who can freely come into the country are far less that immigrants from outside EU who are required to follow long processes to obtain permit to immigrate in the UK.

The number and percentage of the non-UK born population by world region and the top ten countries within each world region
Number (thousand) Percentage of all Non-UK
Poland 579 7.7
Ireland 407 5.4
Germany 274 3.6
Italy 135 1.8
France 130 1.7
Lithuania 97 1.3
Portugal 88 1.2
Romania 80 1.1
Spain and Canary Islands 79 1.1
Top 10 countries in Europe 1,869 24.9
Total All Europe 2,748 35.6
Nigeria 191 2.5
South Africa 191 2.5
Kenya 137 1.8
Zimbabwe 118 1.6
Somalia 101 1.4
Ghana 94 1.3
Uganda 60 0.8
Mauritius 41 0.6
Tanzania 35 0.5
Egypt 30 0.4
Top 10 countries in Africa 999 13.3
Total All Africa 1,313 17.5
Middle East and Asia  
India 694 9.2
Pakistan 482 6.4
Bangladesh 212 2.8
China 152 2
Sri Lanka 127 1.7
Philippines 123 1.6
Hong Kong (Special administrative region of China) 102 1.4
Iran 82 1.1
Iraq 73 1
Malaysia 65 0.9
Turkey 91 1.2
Top 10 countries in Middle East Asia 2,112 29.3
Total All Middle East and Asia 2,587 35.5
Rest of world  
United States 177 2.4
Jamaica 160 2.1
Australia 116 1.5
Canada 69 0.9
New Zealand 58 0.8
Brazil 51 0.7
Colombia 25 0.3
Trinidad and Tobago 23 0.3
Guyana 21 0.3
Barbados 19 0.2
Total top ten countries rest of the world 719 9.6
Total Rest of the world incl Antartica and Oceania and Americans and the Caribbean 857 11.4
Total NonUK 7,505 100

Having the official statics about immigration you can make up your mind about EU membership in relation to immigration.